Your cleaners are also your responsibility

//Your cleaners are also your responsibility

Public liability insurance for cleaners is very important for cleaners, especially those working in extreme conditions, because it helps to protect them in the event of an accident or injury at work. It is a very good way of taking care of your employees because should anything happen to them you would be held accountable. Some of the common injuries that may happen at work may include sliding on the wet floors, falling from the stairs or ladders and damage to property being worked on by the cleaner. All these are liabilities that should be covered lest anything should happen at the work place.

There have been instances where cleaners have damaged property when working on it and have had to pay for it. With liability insurance for cleaners you do not have to worry about damages to property. The insurance company is fully liable to any damages and should compensate you to the last penny. Cleaner’s insurance policies do not only work to benefit the cleaners but also to benefit the employers in such instances. In case of any sickness and treatments risks your cleaners will be fully catered for if you decided to take such a policy for them.