Liability Insurance For Window Cleaners – Polished Insurance delivers!

Liability Insurance For Window Cleaners – No true professional goes to the job without it.

There are risks associated with cleaning windows, and none more so than to yourself. You may have yourself covered for any accidents whilst you’re on a job, but have you considered whether you’re covered for people’s property and any damage you could inadvertently cause whilst cleaning windows? Damage to windows or property that you’re cleaning can run into high figures to put right, and if your insurance doesn’t cover you for these risks, then you may find yourself out of pocket should the worst-case scenario arise. One of the many things to consider when getting insurance for your window cleaning business, is what are you actually covered for?


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With Polished insurance our team of specially trained advisors will help you to choose the cover specific to your business. With options such as including Key holder Cover, “Damage to Item Being Cleaned”
& “Treatment Risks” available we can ensure you are covered for the things you need. If you were to damage a window whilst cleaning you could rest assured that your insurance would cover it. We can offer affordable cover for things like commercial vehicle insurance, public and employers liability insurance, and personal accident insurance too. We specialise in YOUR industry and have the knowledge and packages to be able to offer you industry specific insurance that can cover you for all the usual risks associated with window cleaning.

So why not give us a call today, and discuss with our professional friendly team a tailored insurance policy.

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