Why self employed cleaners and window cleaners still need insurance

//Why self employed cleaners and window cleaners still need insurance

You may assume that one of the advantages of being a self employed person with no employees is that you don’t have to worry about things like employer’s liability insurance: this is true but it doesn’t mean you don’t need any insurance at all. Public liability insurance for a start is absolutely vital, this is especially the case if you regularly work on other people’s premises. In a job as a cleaner you have a lot of responsibility and you could also easily make a mistake and damage valuable equipment, work or computer systems. If this happens then you could be asked to pay out and subsequently sued if you can’t or wont. Of course if you have public liability insurance they will pay out and you will be able to carry on working, though not necessarily for the same company. How about damage to something even more serious than computers and machines though: people; as a cleaner you deal with cleaning chemicals, you also clean floors which you should make sure people know are damp; as a window cleaner there are a lot of things to keep hold of when you are a few floors up which if dropped could injure or kill a passerby: you really will want to make sure that you have insurance that will pay out for you in any of these circumstances.