Why Public Liability Insurance for Cleaners Is Important

//Why Public Liability Insurance for Cleaners Is Important

Whether you are a self employed cleaner, or won a company that actually employs people for cleaning purposes public liability insurance for cleaners, is an important subject for you. Cleaning is a delicate process for any contractor, and this is especially so when dealing with expensive and delicate items. For example, if you were to get a contract with a company that deals with delicate but costly glass items, and any of the items were to break in the cleaning process: the company could hold you liable. Such liability suits could cost you more than you can afford in terms of eating into the profit and denying the business the freedom to operate properly.

Public liability insurance for cleaners covers any damage that may occur to the property of the contractor during the cleaning process. The cover may also include other forms of damages from which you may be held liable; these include injury to the residents of the building and visitors at the time of cleaning. Finally, the public liability insurance for cleaners also covers the property of customers and other stakeholders in the company where you have been given the cleaning opportunity. For small and large companies alike, these insurance is the difference between profit and loss.