Why cleaners need insurance

//Why cleaners need insurance

Whether you are a self employed cleaner or run a cleaning business you will need some form of liability insurance, certainly public liability insurance but also potentially employer’s liability insurance: you may also want to consider insurance such as loss of earnings insurance. Cleaners include of course general cleaners in homes, also those in offices including contract cleaners and more specialised cleaners including window and carpet cleaners.

For a start cleaners need to consider the damage they could cause to property, they could damage a valuable carpet, stain furniture; they also could accidentally knock items or spill cleaning products damaging anything from vases to computers, the data on which alone could be worth thousands. Cleaners also though could injure other people, this could be through cleaning floors and not making clear they are slippery or a window cleaner could drop something that lands on a passer-by. Of course you as a cleaner probably don’t have the finances to pay out if the worst should happen so insurance is vital. Employer’s liability insurance as well is important, something could easily happen to one of your employees while they are at a cleaning job; some cleaning materials can be harmful, they may have to climb ladders to clean and dust and if they are cleaning windows of course this is a dangerous job. For the sake of your own business as well as the employee and their family who may need to be compensated, especially if they are injured or worse make sure you have adequate employer’s liability insurance.