Why cleaners have a special need for liability insurance

//Why cleaners have a special need for liability insurance

Building and other trades such as plumbing and electricians are perhaps the first you think of when you consider who most needs liability insurance: including public and employer’s. Cleaning though isn’t that different from these other trades; of course you don’t work directly with gas or electricity, but you do deal with moisture that could come into contact with electricity of course. There are lots of ways that cleaners in homes or businesses can cause serious damage to property and people, and themselves for that matter, which may still come down to the employer. Water damage is one danger to property and general clumsiness and accident. In business premises there is plenty of expensive machinery that can be damaged if cleaned the wrong way: it may need to at least be serviced as a result or be replaced even. Cleaners may need to use ladders and other equipment to get to awkward spots and may injure themselves, it could even be something like an injury from moving furniture incorrectly. Also of course there is a risk to employees and others from cleaning chemicals that can burn skin and cause even more serious damage if ingested. If you have poorly trained your staff in using cleaning materials you could well be liable and need insurance.