Why An Employer Should Get The Right Insurance For House Cleaners

//Why An Employer Should Get The Right Insurance For House Cleaners

insurance for house cleaners

In the UK, the employer is held liable for the health and safety of his/her employees while they are at work. Cleaning jobs can at times result in injuries, or illness from exposure to toxic environments. An employee can claim compensation in such cases, which is why employers need to get insurance to protect themselves from such claims.

What is The Right Insurance for House Cleaners?

– An employer needs the employers’ liability insurance cover. The insurance is provided under the “The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969”.

– Many insurance companies offer this insurance coverage, but the policies might differ to some extent depending on the price paid for the insurance and the terms of insuranc   partner chosen.

– The insurance is not optional, since the law requires that an employer who engages labour or sub-contractors arranges for liability insurance.

– Employers should also note that employer’s liability insurance does not typically come on its own, and is often part of public liability insurance in most insurance companies.

What Cleaners’ Insurance Can Protect Against

– Liability insurance can protect the employer against damage the employees may cause to the client’s items or property during the cleaning.

– Insurance can protect the employer from treatment costs in case an employee makes such claims against the employer due to injuries from falls, cleaning chemicals, or illness from exposure to toxins.

– The right insurance cover can also protect the employer from the costs that can arise from loss of the customer’s keys, for instance, new locks or copies of the lost keys.

– Insurance can also protect the employer from having to pay for things the employees might steal from the customer.


By law, an employer should have insurance for house cleaners. The appropriate insurance in this scenario is employers’ liability insurance, which is oftentimes part of public liability insurance. The insurance should protect the employer from claims resulting from damage or loss of the customer’s items, as well as employee health issues attributable to the cleaning jobs.