Who needs Public Liability Insurance

//Who needs Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is really needed by anyone that comes into contact with the public or people other than their own employees. This includes at their own premises at other business premises and in public spaces. Some types of work of course it is especially important to have this insurance. It is not just damage to people though and to their health but also damage to property, it could even be for causing a loss of income to people or businesses or disadvantaging them in any way where they could take a civil case against you.

Builders and other tradesmen of course need public liability insurance specific to their work, they have a lot of responsibility and the work they do is dangerous not just for them but for others. Cleaners though are another trade who really need adequate liability insurance, it is very easy as a cleaner to damage something, it could be a priceless antique dresser or a hugely expensive new carpet: this could be in people’s homes or businesses as well. You also have to consider things your employees working for you may do: theft for example, you could be responsible for this and need to use your insurance. For window cleaners as well there is a real danger that they could injure somebody if they drop something or don’t work safely so they need very specific insurance to cover them.