Types of cleaning insurance

//Types of cleaning insurance

Cleaning insurance comes in different packages. There are companies that would want to specialize in damage on property caused by cleaners when working. This means that the policy is meant to compensate the organization in case anything goes wrong at the workplace. There are some insurance companies that deal with health risks. Such policies cover cleaners when sick and in need of medical treatment. In some instances, depending upon the policy, they can fully cover the treatment costs and pay all the medical expenses required.

Another type of cleaning insurance is on damage to property taken for cleaning. Sometimes cleaning companies have to transport a client’s property from premises to clean it with specialist equipment that may be hard to be trans into the workplace. In such instances, the insurance company is fully liable for any property damage that was caused to the property whilst away from the premises in the location the cleaning took place. It would not make sense for cleaners working within your organization to have such a policy because they would rarely need to transport any of the organization’s property from the premises. It is, therefore, very necessary that when choosing a policy you choose a policy that best works for your cleaners.