Things That Can Make Your Cleaners Insurance Cover Invalid

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Cleaners Insurance Cover

Cleaners insurance cover is imperative for all cleaning businesses, irrespective of their size, what type of cleaning they specialise in, and where they are based. Without this, you could land your business in serious trouble if something goes wrong, for example, if one of your employees is hurt on a job or you cause damage to someone’s home or business. Nevertheless, you do need to be mindful once you have insurance in place that you do not do anything that makes it invalid, such as the following:

  • Knowingly using damaged equipment or unsuitable chemicals – It is important to stress that your cleaning insurance policy may not cover any accidents that you have knowingly caused. If you have known that a piece of equipment is broken and should not be used, yet you have informed your employees to continue using it, you may not be covered. Some policies may cover you, but they could put your premiums up afterwards as a result, as you will now be viewed as more of a risk. Therefore, ensure everything is handled above board.
  • Letting the policy expire – This is one of the most common, yet avoidable, mistakes made by business owners. They forget all about their policy and let it expire. The best cleaners insurance companies will send you notifications when your policy is about to run out, so make sure you choose a business like this.
  • Choosing a policy that is not right for your business – You would not believe how many business owners do this. They simply choose the cheapest cover; despite the fact that it is not right for the type of cleaning company they run. If you do this, you are going to find yourself in big trouble if you need to claim.
  • Lying on your application – If you lie on your application for cleaners insurance cover, it will come back to bite you. It is important to be truthful; otherwise you could find that you are not covered.