The Essence of Window Cleaning Insurance

//The Essence of Window Cleaning Insurance

Comprehensive window cleaning insurance should cover you from among other things, for example, damage to windows being cleaned – especially if the damage happens while they are being cleaned – and treatment risks brought about by cleaning solutions used. Depending on the size of your business, you can opt for either cleaners’ public liability or employers’ liability cover.

Public liability insurance is very appropriate for cleaners who work alone, are in partnerships or operate the cleaning business as a limited company with a single director and having no employees. While you are not legally obligated to subscribe for this product, it is in most instances a contractual requirement. As a standard, it covers third party claims brought against you for both property damage and bodily injury that happens in the course of rendering service during the period of cover. It also covers claims against personal injury and denial of access perpetrated while the cover is valid.

The employers’ liability aspect of the cleaning insurance covers against employee claims brought against you for bodily injury while they are on duty working for you. Claims can be made for injury sustained while working within or out of geographically recognised limits if such duties are temporary. In insurance speak, such employees include anyone you have contractually employed or is on an apprenticeship, hired hands or borrowed labour, a self-employed worker you are supervising who is on duty on a labour-only basis, labour-only workers engaged by sub-contractors and voluntary helpers. Employers’ liability can cover injury-related sums claimed by these kinds of workers.

Window cleaning is a profitable career as long as commercial buildings and homes have windows that have to be cleaned regularly. Owning small businesses is however risky, window cleaning business included. Window washing in fact has ingrained dangers that make window cleaning insurance very essential in protecting your business as well as your employees.