The Essence of Cleaning Insurance

//The Essence of Cleaning Insurance

Cleaning Insurance

Cleaning insurance is a policy that offers cover for damages you may cause while providing cleaning services. It is a business insurance product made for cleaning service providers. It covers employers’ liability, loss of keys, damage to customers’ belongings held in trust for cleaning, financial loss, fidelity guarantee, misuse of clients’ telephones and personal indemnity.

Cleaners do a large portion of their work away from their offices. This creates plenty of chances for financial loss as well as a very unique set of accompanying risks. Regardless of the number of employees in a cleaning business, they still have to move from one work location to another either in their personal vehicles or vehicles the company owns. Such employees need cleaners insurance because in certain instances they have to work in vacant buildings at odd hours and come into contact with a lot of dangerous situations. These employees also get to handle their customers’ personal effects which may be very expensive.

Because of these conditions, the risk of lawsuit or expensive business related expenses can be brought about by very many issues. An accident because of a slippery floor or a mistake that leads to destruction of property in your customer’s house can leave your business a few paces behind. Liability insurance is therefore structured to ensure your business thrives even in the face of day to day hazards. The available covers include general employers’ liability, public liability and products liability, commercial fleet insurance and legal expenses for both cleaning contractors working through a combination of sub-contractors and employees or self-employed cleaners.

Cleaning insurance is a very elaborate business insurance product that is very essential especially considering the litigious nature of today’s business space. It is vital if you don’t wish to compensate your customers out of your own pocket, for damages you may cause to their property or any bodily harm that may result from your negligence.