What insurance do you need as a Window Cleaner and Why

Being a window cleaner is a dangerous occupation, accidents can happen however experienced you are and there are always freak occurrences. Window cleaning though is not only dangerous to yourself but also dangerous to the public, if you drop a bucket of water from a few floors up it could easily cause serious injury or even death: you could be sued which may well simply mean bankruptcy unless you have some means to compensate. Public liability insurance will pay out for this though.

What Does Carpet Cleaning Insurance Generally Cover?

A lot of our potential customers ask us the same question when they find us, and it’s a question that we actually love answering: what does carpet cleaning insurance generally cover?

Every insurance company is different, and that means that every company is going to cover different things. However, we pride ourselves on covering things that the other companies generally don’t cover, such as damage to the property that you’re working on. Carpet cleaning is a business that can be unpredictable.