Why Public Liability Insurance for Cleaners Is Important

Whether you are a self employed cleaner, or won a company that actually employs people for cleaning purposes public liability insurance for cleaners, is an important subject for you. Cleaning is a delicate process for any contractor, and this is especially so when dealing with expensive and delicate items. For example, if you were to get a contract with a company that deals with delicate but costly glass items, and any of the items were to break in the cleaning process: the company could hold you liable.

Importance of liability insurance for those bidding for public sector contracts

In many counties and districts the local government is the biggest employer and biggest spender on outsourced services; central government outsources a lot as well. If you can bid for the work available then you could secure a lucrative contract including long term and framework contracts; councils and government departments though have various pre requisites for who they choose and very often this includes adequate insurance. This is especially the case for businesses where they will be performing tasks away from their normal offices or providing services rather than or as well as products.

Who needs Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is really needed by anyone that comes into contact with the public or people other than their own employees. This includes at their own premises at other business premises and in public spaces. Some types of work of course it is especially important to have this insurance. It is not just damage to people though and to their health but also damage to property, it could even be for causing a loss of income to people or businesses or disadvantaging them in any way where they could take a civil case against you.

Public Liability Insurance for Cleaners — Taking That First Step Towards Security!

Is your business as a window cleaner secure? If things are going well, you might think that’s the case. For example, if you have more clients than you can handle and you are expanding your staff, everything just seems right in the world. However, you might actually have a lot of problems lying underneath the surface.

For example, what do you do if one of your crew members accidentally breaks a window? Depending on the way that the window is installed,