Insurance needs for Contract Cleaners

As a contract cleaner you may go into homes but more so offices and other businesses. In a home it is often obvious what is what and what is valuable. In a office or even more so in a factory things that are valuable or may need to be handled or cleaned in a specific way are less obvious: as a result mistakes do happen: a piece of machinery may be ruined, it could cost tens of thousands of pounds to replace and you could be liable,

Who needs Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is really needed by anyone that comes into contact with the public or people other than their own employees. This includes at their own premises at other business premises and in public spaces. Some types of work of course it is especially important to have this insurance. It is not just damage to people though and to their health but also damage to property, it could even be for causing a loss of income to people or businesses or disadvantaging them in any way where they could take a civil case against you.