Why self employed cleaners and window cleaners still need insurance

You may assume that one of the advantages of being a self employed person with no employees is that you don’t have to worry about things like employer’s liability insurance: this is true but it doesn’t mean you don’t need any insurance at all. Public liability insurance for a start is absolutely vital, this is especially the case if you regularly work on other people’s premises. In a job as a cleaner you have a lot of responsibility and you could also easily make a mistake and damage valuable equipment,

What insurance do you need as a Window Cleaner and Why

Being a window cleaner is a dangerous occupation, accidents can happen however experienced you are and there are always freak occurrences. Window cleaning though is not only dangerous to yourself but also dangerous to the public, if you drop a bucket of water from a few floors up it could easily cause serious injury or even death: you could be sued which may well simply mean bankruptcy unless you have some means to compensate. Public liability insurance will pay out for this though.

Why cleaners need insurance

Whether you are a self employed cleaner or run a cleaning business you will need some form of liability insurance, certainly public liability insurance but also potentially employer’s liability insurance: you may also want to consider insurance such as loss of earnings insurance. Cleaners include of course general cleaners in homes, also those in offices including contract cleaners and more specialised cleaners including window and carpet cleaners.

For a start cleaners need to consider the damage they could cause to property,

Insurance for Carpet Cleaners — Yes, You Need This!

When you first get into the carpet cleaning business, you definitely see it as a world of opportunity — we do too. However, one of the things that get left out when it comes time to actually setting up a proper cleaning operation is insurance.

Protection against unexpected events is the main purpose of insurance, but for businesses there is another element to the process — it’s protection against losing the business due to spending more money on claims than on the operation of the business.