You Can’t Afford Not to Add Cleaner Insurance to Your Business!

When it comes to adding cleaner coverage to your business, you might be tempted to think that there’s no reason or way that you can afford to add it to your business. There are simply too man y other expenses.

We completely understand the fast paced and often competitive nature of business, especially the service businesses. Yet we would venture that you really can’t afford not to add window cleaner insurance.

There’s a reason why we hold this stance.

Don’t Let Your Business Disappear — Get Carpet Cleaner Insurance

You might not think that a carpet cleaner would really be exposed to a lot of liability. Generally speaking, most people think about liability when it’s more along the lines of people getting hurt in a place of business. You might get a false sense of security — after all, you don’t really have people, you have carpets, right?

Well, you can still expose yourself to liability through your own actions on the job, as well as the actions of any of your crewmembers.

Cleaning Liability Insurance — An Important Cornerstone of Your Business

If you’re in the contract cleaning business, then you already know the potential profits you have to gain. This is a fast paced industry that has a lot of demand. However, there are things that you need to do on the administrative side in order to protect your business in the long run. It can be tempting to ignore these things — after all, nothing bad has happened in your business, and it’s unlikely that things would get worse.

That’s a sentiment that a lot of business owners share,