Public Liability Insurance For Window Cleaners – Is Sourcing Online The Right Way To Go?

//Public Liability Insurance For Window Cleaners – Is Sourcing Online The Right Way To Go?


Public liability insurance for window cleaners is as essential as the tools of your trade. It gives confidence to existing and prospective clients; tells them and your employees that you are a responsible and trustworthy operator; and manages the risks of loss, damage, accidents and theft. But these days, we are all busy and finding the right window cleaning insurance policy for your business takes time.

That’s where the internet comes in. Shopping online for everything is becoming increasingly common these days, and the World Wide Web is a great choice when it comes to sourcing liability insurance. However, the internet is a double-edged sword. When your transaction is entirely conducted online, there is less potential to be certain you are getting a good deal. The trick is to make sure you capitalise on the benefits offered by easy searching, but to then choose an insurance company that doesn’t skimp on service by operating wholly online.

  • Remember, public liability insurance for window cleaners is a specialist area. The internet is a good tool for narrowing down your options by searching specifically for specialist providers.
  • Do take advantage of the facility to compare and contrast offers from multiple insurers. But analysing the various offers can be a complex matter. What looks like a fair deal might not be so good if you find yourself getting sucked into paying for aspects not relevant to your own situation. Shortlist a few firms by all means; but then make sure that each is open to fine-tuning the quote before you commit. The best firms will have experienced agents, ready to talk you through their policy over the phone before you buy.
  • Always check out the reputation of potential insurance companies before you sign on the dotted line. The internet is a great tool for this, as it enables you to read through independent online reviews of particular providers of public liability insurance UK wide. This helps you steer clear of cleaning insurance firms that others have had problems with in the past and maximises the chances of you selecting one with a good reputation, offering a great service.

Use the internet by all means in your initial search for public liability insurance for window cleaners, but don’t commit until you’ve spoken to a dedicated, specialist adviser.