Public Liability Insurance UK Gives You Peace of Mind

Public liability insurance uk is not a legal requirement for most businesses but makes good business sense. It provides cover for any claims made by members of the public who have suffered personal injury or damage to property in connection with your business. For example if you are a shop owner and one of your customer slips on a wet floor or even trips over some boxes of stock, you could be held liable for any injuries they sustain. An insurance policy is designed to pay compensation which can potentially be far reaching. These include loss of earnings, future loss of earnings and damages awarded to the claimant in addition to all legal costs of both parties – defendant and claimant. Even though most businesses take the welfare of their customers seriously, given the unpredictable nature of life, accidents can and do happen. Knowing that cover is in place enables company owners to concentrate on doing what they do best – running their business.

Shine with the Best Cleaners Insurance!

The need for insurance is probably one of the most common factors for businesses of all types. Regardless of size, business sector, brand awareness and even profit, the duty of care to their customers is something that they all have in common. The level of cover required will vary by business type. If it is recognised that your business functions in a risk category then higher levels of cover would be required. So for instance a steel erector specialist company would be considered high risk given the complexity of materials being assembled not to mention the heights, whereas as home-based self-employed accountant would be considered low risk. Cover for company public liability insurance companies tends to start at around £1 million and is normally purchased in increments up to £5 or £10 million. In certain situations there can be a contractual obligation to take out a pre-determined level of cover. Local authorities tend to stipulate levels required from contractors. Otherwise, most businesses can determine the appropriate value that works for them and organise, for instance, window cleaning insurance as required.

Many public liability insurance companies offer policies in a bundle. Joining employers’ liability and professional indemnity insurance which are commonly purchased together can offer full cover at a discounted price. Working in a specialised industry such as cleaning with its interaction with not only employees but also many clients in a hands-on way, dictates the need for insurance. A good insurance policy can also work in perhaps surprising ways too. Customers are more likely to book a cleaning service from a business with all cleaners insurance in place. Peace of mind is certainly worth the relatively small outlay that a good policy will provide. Nobody knows that better than Polished Insurance. Their industry knowledge has been built up by their directors over 20 years. The company itself was formed in 2001 and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Polished Insurance have developed tailored policies for specialised cleaning businesses. If you are looking for public liability insurance uk in particular they are hard to beat. From their head office in Wigan they can help advise you on aspects of all your insurance needs. If for instance you are contracted to clean the windows of pubs they can help, if you specialise in cleaning the windows of, shops, schools or even car showrooms, they can cover you for scratched or damaged glass, heights up to 200m and even any damage to pole systems. Polished Insurance can supply a quick and highly cost effective quote. Not only can you be reassured that your customers and their properties will be covered in the event of accidental damage, but the premiums can be paid over a year meaning no lump sum outlay.

Should you need further advice or have queries you have any questions take a look at the FAQ’s page on the web site. There is also a blog page which the company has set up and articles there contain lots of great information, tips and advice on the right types of insurance policies for your business. The online enquiry form is simple to use and allows you to ask for a no obligation quote - and it only takes a couple of minutes to submit. You could be start-up company or one which has been trading for many years. Either way if you are looking for the best policy at great prices, Polished Insurance would be pleased to answer any queries you may have. Call them today on 01942 403370 or email for the best public liability insurance uk to suit your business and customers.