Protecting your employees from work-related risks

//Protecting your employees from work-related risks

The cleaning staff in your company may not work as many hours as other employees, however, they need to be afforded the same duty of care. Their duties are mainly to clean up the offices and make sure that the working environment is conducive for you to work in. Be that as it may, if anything happened to any of them when on duty, you would be fully liable and you would have to compensate them for any injuries sustained at the workplace. However, with cleaning insurance you can protect both yourself and your cleaning staff.

Protecting yourself in this case means that you get a policy for all your staff so that if anything happens to your staff then you can be in a position to deal with that. Unfortunately accidents do happen and many cannot be foresees. However, with a cleaning insurance for your employees you can limit the liability in case such a thing happens. It also indicates that you care for your employees and in most cases this would motivate the employees. You need to contract cleaning insurance if you have not already got a policy in place, for the sake of you as the employer and also for your staff.