Negotiating For Contract Cleaning Insurance

//Negotiating For Contract Cleaning Insurance

Contract cleaning insurance covers are products that are rarely understood, and yet they save many businesses a lot of money in liability suits and also premium payments. The contract insurance is an easy way to ensure that you are covered in whatever areas you are contracted to work. The agreement with the insurance company expires once the contract is completed or cancelled by either party. The important thing is that the product is tailored to suit the risks in the specific company and the issues that may arise from that assessed. Contract cleaners were previously a forgotten team, where insurance companies preferred to deal with permanent employed cleaners rather than those on contract.

The important thing about contract cleaning insurance is that once the contract changes you can either re-negotiate for much more favourable terms or move to another insurance provider with better terms for you. The contract cleaning insurance policy should state clearly what it covers, whether the policy is a combined policy for both personal injury and pubic liability and the extent to which you are covered. This is to avoid any disputes should a liability suit arise and the company fault to make payment. The insurance payment is included in the contract.