Liability Insurance Sustains Your Business!

Liability insurance makes sound business sense.  There are two main types of liability insurance to consider- company insurance is external in nature as it covers a business if a customer or member of the public was to suffer a loss or injury as a consequence of its business activities or practices.  It essentially covers that business financially, if the injured party made a subsequent claim for compensation. It also covers legal costs too. Internally companies also need to consider the welfare of their employees and most business are legally obliged to obtain insurance cover for employees too. The minimum amount of cover recommended by the Government is £5 million and this should be organised solely with an authorised insurer.  If you consider any typical business scenario and the random nature of everyday life, it certainly highlights the necessity of this vital company insurance such as cleaners insurance.   Often it is possible to combine the two and place on one policy.

Clean Up with the Best Cleaners Insurance!

The range of businesses operating today not only in the UK but worldwide is quite staggering. Many people opt for self-employment and can be consultants, IT specialists or even language instructors! At the other end of the scale there are multi-billion pound corporations employing tens of thousands of employees.  And of course in the middle are SME’s (Small to medium enterprises), all supporting the economy with a variety of products and services. What they all have fundamentally in common though, regardless of turnover or profit, is the legal obligation to protect employees (should they have any) as well as a duty of care to the public. So for instance if you are a retailer and sell a hairdryer to a customer which then decides to explode upon use, then you are liable for any damage caused. Given the importance and potential impact these outcomes can have on an individual then contacting public liability companies for quotes for public liability insurance uk and advice is the right thing to do.

In terms of business growth the cleaning market has significantly increased over the past 10 years in particular – both commercially and domestically. When you consider that this is an industry heavy populated with people and which can be very physical, then the realisation of what might go wrong becomes very clear. Should you be looking for an insurance provider in this space, Polished Insurance offer industry leading policies. Public and employers liability insurance is one that they supply most often, however they can quote for commercial vehicle insurance, life insurance and even income protection insurance. As every business will have its own unique requirements, they have the ability to quickly provide quotes to suit your needs. You may have one or a thousand employees, work for other businesses or operate with the public directly. No matter the circumstance Polished Insurance has a policy to suit you and your business perfectly.

Being experts within the cleaning industry has allowed Polished Insurance to identify a huge number of potential scenarios and develop cleaning insurance policies to cover those potential eventualities. So for instance if you are looking for cleaners insurance quotes insurance you may expect, as standard, to be covered for – loss of customers keys, damage to property being worked on, failure to secure customers premises, to name a few. The company was formed in 2001 and are regulated by the Financial Services Authority. The Directors have over 20 years’ experience within this industry and have tailored their policies to serve their many thousands of customers from their offices in Wigan. In 2006 they were proud to be appointed as the insurance broker to the Federation of Window Cleaners. Since then they have worked tirelessly and in partnership with the Committee to develop, organise and deliver comprehensive insurance covers with competitive pricing for all their members.

No matter the size of business Polished Insurance can help provide an accurate and cost-competitive quote. You may be a self-employed carpet cleaner or a run a school cleaning contract. Whatever your circumstances they can quickly help you stay legal and reduce any worries you may have about unintended accidents. Their web site is full of essential information, is easy to use and contains all the information in a one stop shop for your business. Take a look at the `frequently asked questions’ page if you are unsure of anything, or submit your details using the online form to obtain a quote. By answering a few simple questions you can be insured same day. It is really that simple. Staff are helpful, knowledgeable and would be delighted to hear from you to answer any of your queries. Call them now on 01942 403370 for the best liability insurance on the market.