Liability Insurance For Window Cleaners And Starting A Window Cleaning Business

//Liability Insurance For Window Cleaners And Starting A Window Cleaning Business

Liability Insurance For Window Cleaners

If you’re tired of working for others, you may be considering self-employment. One popular and relatively easy small business to start is window cleaning. But there are various factors you should consider, from developing a round to taking out liability insurance for window cleaners. This post outlines a few things to think about.

  • Firstly, any kind of self-employment requires motivation. Yes, your hours may be more flexible than an office or factory job, but you still need to be able to drive yourself to deliver. After all, your monthly earnings depend on it. Be prepared to work hard, especially initially when you will have to market your services as well as clean windows.
  • Next, invest in good quality equipment. No-one will employ you for long if you don’t get great results. As a minimum, you’ll need a good quality squeegee, a glass scraper, microfibre or scrim cloths, a complete T-bar, a bucket, a window-cleaning pole for upper floors, ladders, cleaning fluids and containers to carry your own water in. You’ll also need some form of transport; possibly with a roof-rack to carry your ladders.
  • Public liability insurance UK is not a legal requirement, but it’s highly recommended. Imagine the expense coming out of your own pocket if one of your ladders broke a window or fell onto a customer’s car, for instance. You can get some highly competitive deals on specific window cleaning insurance and it’s well worth the peace of mind that results.
  • Speaking of customers, you’ll definitely need some. Prepare to be persistent: many of the more affluent homes in your area will already be catered for by existing businesses. Try canvassing your local area, trying leaflet jobs and by all means ask current clients to recommend you to their friends and family.

If you’re determined and highly motivated to succeed, it will really pay off. And don’t forget to use the fact that you carry liability insurance for window cleaners to your advantage – it’s a huge selling point to cautious homeowners!