Insurance – Your cleaners do matter

//Insurance – Your cleaners do matter

Cleaners are perhaps the only employees of an organization who spend the least hours at work. In most cases they need to be at work early in the morning, before the rest of the staff arrive, or after hours when everyone else has gone home. Without cleaners, however, the working environment would be a complete mess and, in most cases, many of the employees would not know what to do to clean the offices up. Therefore, your cleaners matter and they need to be taken care of in every way possible. They may be neglected because of the kind of job they do, but they also contribute to a very great extent to the well being of the whole organization.

Insurance for cleaners is a good way to appreciate the cleaners. It is a way of telling the cleaners that they are appreciated for all the work they do and that if anything should happen to them in their line of duty, they would be fully catered for. This would give them a sense of security and confidence to do their work well. In addition, it is a legal requirement that all employees be insured when at work. This ensures that any compensation due for work-related injuries can be dealt with quickly and easily.