Insurance needs for Contract Cleaners

//Insurance needs for Contract Cleaners

As a contract cleaner you may go into homes but more so offices and other businesses. In a home it is often obvious what is what and what is valuable. In a office or even more so in a factory things that are valuable or may need to be handled or cleaned in a specific way are less obvious: as a result mistakes do happen: a piece of machinery may be ruined, it could cost tens of thousands of pounds to replace and you could be liable, even if it is an employee who has made the mistake. There is no use counter suing an employee who will probably have no money: you will have to pay out and if you don’t have liability insurance it will be from your own pocket. The other problem with some working environments is they are dangerous, cleaning may involve getting into awkward spots, you should of course follow best practice for health and safety but there is still an increased chance of injuries, or even death. You of course could be sued if you have been even slightly negligent, employer’s liability insurance will cover you though in all cases apart form the most gross misconduct. This insurance is vital to you and your livelihood, but perhaps more importantly to your employees and their families. If something happens where an employee can’t work any longer or worse and can no longer provide for their family you will want to know that the employee and their family will be ok financially so having insurance that will pay out generously is important to your piece of mind.