Insurance for Cleaning – Spring Clean Yours Today!

Insurance for cleaning is a pre requisite for every company. Liability Insurance essentially covers that business financially, if the injured party made a subsequent claim for compensation. Government legislation makes clear the duties any business has to both its workers and the general public. What is perhaps surprising is some of these duties apply not only to big corporations but to smaller ones too. If you've got one or more workers then you definitely must have insurance. The Employers Liability Act of 1969 outlines what is expected. There are a number of exceptions – so check for further information. The UK Consumer Protection Act of 1987 requires those manufacturing or providing goods to bear some sort of product liability insurance.  Working in the service sector means businesses also have a duty of care to customers. The right policy will insure your company against costs and any claims arising from injuries or property damage to your customers, suppliers or members of the public which was caused by your firm.

Shine with the Best Cleaners Insurance!

So as to ensure you manage your obligations correctly, it's great practice to add insurance to a company checklist. You could work in a specialised sector which demands carpet cleaning insurance or even commercial cleaning insurance. Whatever the kind of cleaning insurance it's very important to plan ahead. It makes great business sense in other ways as well. Many customers will only work with a company with the right insurance. Particularly when you're working in someone's dwelling and there's inadvertent damage to an expensive item for example a couch or some carpeting. The price to replace or fix those could easily be thousands of pounds. And many big commercial companies won't even let a tender be made if the future supplier doesn't have insurance. Most company owners will do all they can to remove danger, but injuries can still always occur. If you're proven responsible for that then it can be quite expensive to correct.

Cleaning companies particularly employ many individuals and as a consequence could encounter accidental mishaps. It could be as easy as knocking over a cup of water onto a costly electrical item or dropping bleach on carpeting. If you're a small business that could impact on you dramatically. Nevertheless with the correct insurance policy you can have peace of mind - for a modest yearly premium you can be protected and appear more professional to your customers also. Among the finest public liability companies who provide insurance for cleaning cover is Polished Insurance. Proudly selling sector leading cover since 2001, their customer base is wide ranging. From small businesses to big commercial enterprises, all can be supported. From company insurance through to commercial vehicle insurance or even income protection insurance, they have the appropriate cover for your specific needs.

Being specialists in this area means that Polished Insurance really understand customer's day to day priorities and have specific policies,  for example public liability insurance for cleaners, to cover an extensive variety of scenarios and potential outcomes. They actively supply cover for all kinds of cleaning including store cleaning, school cleaning, commercial cleaning and much more. The company is exceptionally professional and is controlled by the Financial Services Authority. The company managers have over 20 years' experience within the specialist cleaning field. They are also the insurance broker selected to partner with the Federation of Window Cleaners. Working in partnership with them, they've helped layout, order and execute complete insurance cover with hugely competitive pricing, for all their members. That is what makes them the go to business for public liability insurance uk - very few of their competitors understand the demands of this exceptional marketplace more.

With a steady and growing customer base Polished Insurance can provide a fast and price- competitive estimate. You can have complete reassurance about any potential injuries or accidents for an extremely reasonable amount that can be spread across the year in equal monthly payments. You might be a self-employed carpet cleaner or a run a big school cleaning company. Whatever your scenario Polished Insurance can not only assist you to stay compliant to government conditions, they are also able to enable you to present a more professional face to your clients. For additional info take a peek at the FAQ's page or blog page on the site or use the simple on-line form to request an estimate. It just takes a minute or two and whether you're a fledgling company or an established one trying to find the best price they're very challenging to defeat. Staff are very professional and would be pleased to talk to you and help with any queries you might have. Call them now on 01942 403370 or email for the greatest insurance for cleaning to suit you and your demands.