Insurance for Carpet Cleaners — Yes, You Need This!

//Insurance for Carpet Cleaners — Yes, You Need This!

When you first get into the carpet cleaning business, you definitely see it as a world of opportunity — we do too. However, one of the things that get left out when it comes time to actually setting up a proper cleaning operation is insurance.

Protection against unexpected events is the main purpose of insurance, but for businesses there is another element to the process — it’s protection against losing the business due to spending more money on claims than on the operation of the business. This is something that can make an otherwise strong business almost vanish overnight, which means losing the very business that you dreamed of building in the first place.

Insurance for carpet cleaners is straightforward — you’ll have protection against claims generated through several different avenues. For example, if you are doing a big commercial cleaning project and you lose a set of master keys, you will have to replace them — which can cost thousands of dollars when you think about all of the locks that will need to be replaced due to this error. Carpet cleaners liability insurance can cover this so you don’t have to come up with that type of money out of the company’s pockets.

Not sure how much coverage you need? We would love to talk with you to create a customised plan that addresses the unique needs of your business — talk to us today!