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Income Protection Insurance for Contract Cleaners – from Polished Insurance.

If you suffered an accident or were diagnosed with an illness that prevented you from working how would you cope without your income. Would you be able to provide for your family and pay the bills that inevitably arrive every month? family co

Just imagine having to be off work for 6 months following a fall and your only income is the government’s Statutory Sick Pay of £81.60 per week. The bills would soon mount up putting you under increasing pressure to return to work, possibly too soon..

Before you get to that position you should consider arranging Income Protection Insurance. This type of cover will pay a fixed benefit (subject to a maximum of 60% of your gross income) in the event of an accident or injury preventing you from doing your job. Payments can begin from the first day of your incapacity or you can reduce the premiums by choosing a longer deferred period. Unlike Personal Accident Insurance this type of cover can pay you for the rest of your working life to your usual retirement age. Personal Accident Insurance policies generally pay you for a maximum of 2 years after your accident, which may be beneficial for short term injuries but doesn’t provide the peace of mind that an Income Protection Insurance policy provides.

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