Income Protection Insurance for Cleaners

//Income Protection Insurance for Cleaners

Cleaners are very often self-employed, often contractors working for various people: what this means though is that they often don’t get cover on any kind of liability insurance that as an employee a cleaner would expect their employer to have in the form of employer’s liability insurance: meaning that if they were injured or killed they or there family would get a payout.

As a self employed person in what can be a dangerous job then income protection insurance means that should something happen there would still be an income. Window cleaners especially but also other cleaners do have danger in their jobs; for window cleaners the danger of being on a hoist or a ladder several floors up will be obvious: likewise for those doing general exterior cleaning such as clearing guttering. Those cleaning inside though still need to climb ladders as well as move heavy furniture and work with dangerous cleaning chemicals so you can’t be too careful. With income protection insurance you will get sufficient money to pay essential bills, this can be while you are off work with a temporary injury or it can cover you for a long term injury, it will also pay out to your family in the event of your death.