How to get window cleaner insurance

//How to get window cleaner insurance

Window cleaners are perhaps the cleaners who are in the most danger. Their work involves a lot of climbing up ladders to reach high windows and this can get risky. In addition, many windows are made of glass, which is fragile and can easily hurt them when cleaning. Such are the risks that a window cleaner should be protected against. Working on windows without a window cleaner insurance is a big risk that should not be taken. However, be that as it may, there are very many window cleaners who do not have window cleaner insurance and they daily put themselves at risk without considering about the dangers they are being exposed to.

Your life should come first. Protecting your life includes making sure that, if there was an accident when working, you would most definitely receive insurance cover. No employer should allow window cleaners to work for them without being insured. This would probably mean that before you get into any contract, you should verify the window cleaner’s insurance cover. It is always better to be prepared and prevent accidents than fail to prepare and an accident strikes, causing casualty, mayhem and perhaps legal costs. This is especially true for window cleaners.