Helpful Window Cleaners Insurance

//Helpful Window Cleaners Insurance

Window cleaners insurance Has become a very popular product for cleaning companies and other stakeholders in the cleaning industry. This is mainly because window cleaning is in itself a task loaded with many pitfalls especially where high buildings are concerned, and also the windows themselves are delicate ad have often to be handled with extra care. The window cleaners are not the only ones covered by the window cleaners insurance, as many people assume. In fact the insurance cover in most cases covers even the property that is windows that they are cleaning. Previously the loses incurred by companies by liability suits from the cleaners were so high. Hence when the product was first introduced it covered specifically the cleaners.

As time went by, another issue arose that was causing much loss to the companies. This was simply the windows in themselves. Many companies found that repairing and replacing windows broken during the cleaning process was a cost that was crippling their businesses. Insurance companies then introduced a product that covers the employee cleaning the window and the window itself, saving business and companies lots of money in liability suits. The insurance cover is important for all cleaning companies.