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Insurance For Cleaners – What clients expect you to have

If you’re in the cleaning industry, you’ll know that you have to have all the relevant paperwork in place to ensure that your business is running correctly. Showing you have the relevant checks to prospective clients is important, as it shows you take your work seriously. We know that we need insurance, but besides Public Liability Insurance, what else is there? Are you missing out on clients because they are worried about the risks of getting a cleaner in? What if you damage their items, or equipment? what if someone slips on a wet floor? If it comes to a choice between a cleaner who offers these extras and a cleaner who doesn’t, your prospective clients will obviously go for the former, leaving someone without these specific covers out of the picture. At Polished Insurance, we can provide specific Insurance for Cleaners which covers many specific clauses, to ensure you can prove to potential customers, that they won’t be out of pocket if something goes wrong.


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From slips on wet floors, to damage to the items that are being cleaned, polished insurance can offer affordable cover for your cleaning business. Grouping our insurances into blocks, covering window cleaners, carpet cleaners and domestic cleaners for example enables us to offer a tailored page for you. With optional add-ons such as all risks insurance for water fed pole systems for window cleaners to treatment risks for carpet cleaners, you and your clients can rest assured that in case of an accident, the insurance covers it. That’s not all though. Polished insurance can offer Income protection cover, commercial vehicle cover, and accident and life insurance too. So take yourself and your cleaning business seriously, and use our specialized packages to ensure your business is protected.

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Income Protection Insurance can provide you with upto 60% of your income in the event of injury or illness preventing you from working for the rest of your life.