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Cleaners Public Liability Insurance – Plan for the unexpected with the perfect coverage

Whilst public liability insurance is not compulsory in the UK, many businesses choose to have it. Why? You may ask. Isn’t it an extra cost I don’t need? The question you really need to ask yourself though is what would happen if someone slipped on a floor you’d just cleaned, or damage occurred to property whilst you were working on it? Office cleaners who clean near computers could face massive compensation cases not only for damage to the computer equipment, but for the data stored on it. Could you afford it? Obviously these accidents might never happen, but if they do, and you’re not insured, then you will be looking at a bill that may bring your business to its knees. Thankfully, there is now an option to cover many of these specialized risks associate with the cleaning business.


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Purchasing insurance for your cleaning business through Polished insurance is different to most insurance brokers. We can provide tailored policies for your cleaning business. Specializing in cleaning insurance, we can offer options such as treatment risks, key holder cover and damage to property being worked on. This could save you a fortune in the long run and is available relatively inexpensively. We can provide public liability in case of negligence that can ensure you can carry on trading if someone claims against you. Our experienced and highly trained staff is available to speak to you about your quotation, and we can ensure you get the right type of cover for your business. We can even offer Commercial vehicle insurance, Income protection insurance and Life insurance.

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Income Protection Insurance can provide you with upto 60% of your income in the event of injury or illness preventing you from working for the rest of your life.