General Cleaners Insurance

/General Cleaners Insurance

If you don’t think we have mentioned your activities specifically, please give us a call and we will do our best to find the necessary cover for your business.

Over the years we have come across many different types of cleaning contractors and that we can just about cover them all!

General Cleaners Insurance Quotes

At Polished we have tried to ensure our cleaning scheme policies are able to cater of all types of cleaning activities. So if you have an area of cleaning we have not mentioned specifically in the website, please contact our team to discuss the nature of activities and we will look to provide cover accordingly.

Our policy cover is wide ranging and automatically includes certain cover extensions not included in standard commercial insurance policies such as :

  • Loss of Customers’ Keys
  • Damage to property being worked upon
  • Treatment Risks
  • Temporary removal of customers’ goods
  • Misuse of customers’ telephones
  • Failure to secure customers’ premises

Our online system allows you to obtain speedy quotations and also add additional cover for your own or hired in equipment.

So please click here for an online quotation or contact our team who will be happy to provide a quotation over the phone and ensure you receive all the premium discounts available to your business.