Employer’s liability insurance for Cleaning companies

//Employer’s liability insurance for Cleaning companies

Employer’s liability insurance is often overlooked by businesses, especially smaller businesses with fewer employees. Employees still deserve to be protected by employer’s liability insurance though and of course the fewer the employees the less the premium and the less danger there is involved in their job the smaller the premium; as an employer you should get employer’s liability insurance even if you believe that the environment your employees work in is totally safe. There are always risks, everything from electric shocks to fires. One role where there are many risks that are overlooked by employees is for cleaners. If you run a cleaning company your employees will actually be doing a relatively dangerous job. You may have health and safety policy but you are sending employees on to other premises, some of them will be offices others will be more dangerous factories and other industrial facilities; homes can actually be most dangerous as no-one will have had to look over a home to check health and safety.

If a serious injury or even death results from an employee’s work in any way you need to know that you can make sure that the employee or their family are ok financially: you may well not be able to do this yourself even if you are sued, with insurance though you wont suffer but more importantly you know your employees will be provided for.