Don’t Let Your Business Disappear — Get Carpet Cleaner Insurance

//Don’t Let Your Business Disappear — Get Carpet Cleaner Insurance

You might not think that a carpet cleaner would really be exposed to a lot of liability. Generally speaking, most people think about liability when it’s more along the lines of people getting hurt in a place of business. You might get a false sense of security — after all, you don’t really have people, you have carpets, right?

Well, you can still expose yourself to liability through your own actions on the job, as well as the actions of any of your crewmembers. For example, if you accidentally damaged the carpet in someone’s home, they could approach you in court for the replacement costs as well as other damages. This can get expensive, and it doesn’t stop there — what if one of your crew accidentally knocked out a window? Many windows are designed in such a way where you can’t just replace one pane of glass — you have to buy an entirely new window. That’s a lot of money in some cases, and it’s money that takes directly from your ability to handle your operating costs. Little by little, these claims can eat away at your business and cause it to disappear.

Of course, you don’t want to let your business disappear, right? Right! So you can turn to carpet cleaner insurance in order to really avoid this problem. As long as you handle your premiums, you’ll have the protection that you’re looking for.

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