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Public Liability Insurance For Cleaners – It’s critical that you be covered

Accidents can happen, and with the words “where there’s blame, there’s a claim” buzzing around in most peoples heads, many businesses are finding themselves out of pocket due to compensation claims for accidents and injuries to the public. Its not a nice feeling to know that a mistake that has been made, such as cleaning fluid spills, or forgetting to put a wet floor sign out, can cause injury to another person, but its even worse when your business cant then be brought to its knees if you don’t have the relevant insurance. Public liability insurance is a must, and as a cleaner, whether you’re self-employed or not, you need to get cover for your cleaning business.


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At Polished Insurance, we can offer Public Liability Insurance for cleaners that will cover them in the event that there is accidental damage to property or a person suffers a slip, trip or fall due to a wet floor. Our quotations for Public Liability insurance will include clauses to cover “damage to property being worked upon”, Key holder cover, treatment risks and optional covers tailored specifically for cleaners and cleaning businesses. We ensure that we create tailored packages, which you can rely on to cover you in the eventuality that there is an insurance claim against you. We offer Public Liability Insurance quotations for Domestic cleaners, Contract cleaners, Window cleaners, Carpet cleaners and more. So whatever your business, protect it today by purchasing Public Liability Insurance from Polished cleaners.

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