Cleaning Liability Insurance — An Important Cornerstone of Your Business

//Cleaning Liability Insurance — An Important Cornerstone of Your Business

If you’re in the contract cleaning business, then you already know the potential profits you have to gain. This is a fast paced industry that has a lot of demand. However, there are things that you need to do on the administrative side in order to protect your business in the long run. It can be tempting to ignore these things — after all, nothing bad has happened in your business, and it’s unlikely that things would get worse.

That’s a sentiment that a lot of business owners share, but unfortunately it’s not something rooted in reality. The truth is that it’s possible to have accidents happen — your customers could get injured at your place of business, which opens you to having to pay medical costs — which can get quite high. These same customers could sue you for other damages, like the time they missed from work because they were injured at your store. Even if you don’t run a storefront (true for many contract cleaners), you can still open yourself up to liability through damaging property while you’re out on a contract. That property can get pretty expensive, and the owner would still have the right to come over you. Could you afford to devote operating costs to paying damages? That’s what you would have to do without insurance.

Avoid this completely with cleaning liability insurance — it’s truly a cornerstone of your business!