Cleaning Insurance Quotes – Check What You’re Getting

//Cleaning Insurance Quotes – Check What You’re Getting

Cleaning Insurance Quotes

The process of requesting cleaning insurance quotes can be tedious and detract from your day to day work. However, it’s essential you examine each quote carefully to make sure you’re fully covered. That way, you’ll be safe if things go wrong at a later date. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do you work alone? If it’s just you working solo, you need public liability insurance UK based. This protects you if anyone brings a claim against you because they say they’ve been injured as a result of your actions or inactions. It will also protect against damage to the property while you’ve been working there.
  • Do you employ others, or even use sub-contractors on a labour-only basis? Then you will also need to pay an additional sum for employers’ liability insurance. This is because you are liable for the welfare of the people who work with you if there’s an accident of any kind.
  • Should you be looking for cover that insures the cleaning equipment you use? Industrial cleaning machinery can be very expensive to replace if it breaks down or there’s an accident. Insurance for machinery and equipment can help minimise large financial outlays to replace everything from plant and machinery to mobile phones and laptops. This can ensure your business can continue to run smoothly in the event of a disaster.
  • Does the policy include Treatment Risks Insurance? If you routinely use chemicals during your cleaning work, then you should ensure you’re protected if your clients’ property is adversely affected by them. This could include damage to floors, windows or furniture, for instance. The right cleaning insurance will cover this eventuality too.

This is only a brief summary of a few of the issues you may need to consider when looking at cleaning insurance quotes. Always take advice from expert insurers to make sure you don’t get caught out.