Cleaners Insurance is Good for Business!

Cleaners insurance is essential if you work in this thriving and growing industry. Liability Insurance essentially covers that business financially, if the injured party made a subsequent claim for compensation. It is estimated that 450,000 people are currently working in the private sector within the UK and there are more than 3,400 cleaning businesses in existence. The industry is forecast for further growth within the next 2 years. In particular the specialised sector, window and exterior home cleaning (such as facia and conservatory cleaning) is estimated to have grown approximately 150% since 2004.  Overall, the office and retail sector has the largest portion of the market, closely followed by the healthcare cleaning sector. The industry is made up of two main categories: standard and specialist cleaning services. In recent times the specialised cleaning market has grown by around 40% and has shown strong and sustained growth in terms of both value and sales volume.

Clean Up with the Best Cleaning Insurance!

One of the many benefits of this industry growth is that it not only offers entry level jobs, but as a function it cannot be outsourced outside the UK, so the jobs are plentiful for people who want them. It is also the kind of business which is easy to set up as there are low running costs other than labour and supplies. You will also need transport to move between different locations but again depending on the nature of your business that could be your own car. Unless the business is of a sufficient size, it can often be run from an office at home. Indeed that is how many companies started. And if a business delivers a reliable and thorough job, customers are more likely to recommend you to friends and family which could see an increase in turnover. In fact the first question many potential customers ask is about the levels of cleaners insurance in place.

Of course given the very people oriented nature of this marketplace means that contract cleaners insurance should be in place to cover any unintended outcomes. If a tap is left on at a clients’ home for instance, overflows and causes damage then your business would be liable to pay for the repair. If you are a small company that could be enough to force you out of business. However with the right public liability insurance uk policy you wouldn’t need to worry – it could all be taken care of for only a few pounds per month. And that’s where Polished Insurance come to your aid. They have been selling industry leading cleaners insurance policies for over 13 years. All sizes of businesses can be catered for and they are specialist insurance providers for the cleaning industry in particular. From public and employers liability insurance through to income protection insurance, they have the right policy for your needs.

Polished Insurance, with their many years of experience, has created a range of cleaners insurance uk policies to suit most scenarios and eventualities. They have dealt with thousands of clients over the years and have supported them through many different sets of circumstances. Should you be looking for carpet cleaners insurance in particular you would be covered for: damage to property, treatment risks, temporary removal of customers good and much more.  The business is regulated by the Financial Services Authority and the Directors have over 20 years’ experience within the specialist cleaning industry and have tailored their policies to serve you and your business. Eight years ago they were appointed as the principal insurance broker to the prestigious Federation of Window Cleaners. Working alongside the committee since then, they have helped develop, organise and implement comprehensive insurance cover with very cost effective pricing, for all their members.

With a growing customer base Polished Insurance can help provide a quick and competitive quote. For only a few pounds per month you can forget about any unexpected incidents. Running a business is time consuming enough without the added stress of worrying about accidents. You may be a self-employed window cleaner or a run a contract cleaning business. Whatever your circumstances they can help you achieve peace of mind. If you are unsure about what cover is provided, visit the FAQ’s page on the web site or use the online form to request a quote. It only takes a few minutes and whether you are a brand new business or simply looking for a cost comparison, they are hard to beat. Staff are always happy to help and would be pleased to hear from you to answer any questions you may have. Call them today on 01942 403370 for the best cleaners insurance on the market.