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/Window Cleaning Insurance Quote

What you need to know if you’re working from height

Window Cleaning Liability Insurance

If you work from height, sourcing the right insurance can prove difficult. At Polished Insurance, we have the expertise and we understand the requirements of high access cleaning, we have researched and created a bespoke insurance policy exclusively for the cleaning industry, with all aspects covered, including working at height.

Working at Height

Sourcing the right public and employer’s liability insurance for your business can prove much more difficult if you work at height.

The Best Way To Get A Window Cleaning Insurance Quote

Window Cleaning Insurance Quote

Are you thinking about starting up a cleaning business? Perhaps you’re already established, and wondering whether you can get a better deal on your insurance? No matter what applies, you will, no doubt, want to find the best window cleaning insurance quote. Read on for some top advice on how to go about the process.

Nowadays, with the likes of comparison websites available, a lot of people follow this process when looking for any type of quote: they search for a comparison website on Google or another search engine,