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GDPR will be here in just over six months… Is your Cleaning Business ready?

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. You need to start preparing now for the changes in the rules concerning data, and how your business handles it.

The goal of this new regulation is to give individuals greater control over their own personal data and how businesses use it. If your cleaning business holds any data on current, past, or prospective customers then you will need to make sure that, by May 2018,

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Polished reaches the Final!

We are excited to reveal that Polished Insurance is a finalist in the 2017 Wigan Business Awards.

The Wigan Business Awards, organised by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce are now in their eleventh year and they celebrate business excellence across the borough, highlighting the achievements and hard work of a diverse range of Wigan businesses. There are eight award categories for 2017 and Polished Insurance (part of the Allied Group) is shortlisted for the best Small or Medium Enterprise of the Year,

Why your business should have a Driving at Work Policy


Did you know that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimates that up to a third of road traffic accidents involve somebody who is at work at the time of an accident?

If your organisation provides vehicles for your staff or you expect your employees to drive their own vehicles for work purposes, then your business should have a Driving at Work policy. A robust and thorough Driving at Work policy, that covers all bases,

Commercial Vehicle Insurance – what you need to know

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Having a Commercial Vehicle Insurance policy is crucial to ensuring that you are adequately covered when using a vehicle,  for your business.

Polished Insurance can provide Commercial Vehicle Insurance for all sizes of commercial vehicles, from a small van, a 35-ton Heavy Goods Vehicle, through to mini-fleet  and fleet policies


Why do I need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Commercial Vehicle Insurance is so-called for a reason – it provides cover for use of a vehicle whilst working.

Understanding Scratched Glass


We know that one of the most common problems facing window cleaners is scratched glass and it is one of the most common reasons why our clients come to us for their insurance cover, as all Polished policies include cover for scratched glass.

As window cleaners, your mission is to simply remove particles from glass, whether they be airborne sand or soil particles. So how does scratched glass happen and how can it be prevented?

Bona Fide and Labour Only Subcontractors – Spot and Insure the Difference


Cleaning companies often use subcontractors instead of employed staff to help with costs and to have more flexibility to cover contracts. In theory, this should be a wise financial move unless, that is, the insurance for the subcontractor is inadequate which, in the event of a claim, could lead to costs far higher than the recruitment of an army of cleaners!

Therefore, we’re highlighting for you the difference between the two main types of subcontractor –

The Importance Of Insurance For Window Cleaners And Cleaning Business Owners


Do you know how important it is to have insurance for window cleaners? Well, if you are one of the many people working as a window cleaner, then it is best that you know. If you are a cleaning business owner and have a number of employees, it is best that you be informed as well. You see, even though window cleaning is viewed as a simple task, there are a number of things that could potentially go wrong and cause somebody to get hurt.

Why An Employer Should Get The Right Insurance For House Cleaners

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In the UK, the employer is held liable for the health and safety of his/her employees while they are at work. Cleaning jobs can at times result in injuries, or illness from exposure to toxic environments. An employee can claim compensation in such cases, which is why employers need to get insurance to protect themselves from such claims.

What is The Right Insurance for House Cleaners?

– An employer needs the employers’

The Essence of Cleaning Insurance

Cleaning Insurance

Cleaning insurance is a policy that offers cover for damages you may cause while providing cleaning services. It is a business insurance product made for cleaning service providers. It covers employers’ liability, loss of keys, damage to customers’ belongings held in trust for cleaning, financial loss, fidelity guarantee, misuse of clients’ telephones and personal indemnity.

Cleaners do a large portion of their work away from their offices. This creates plenty of chances for financial loss as well as a very unique set of accompanying risks.

Carpet Cleaner Insurance – 3 Important Reasons Why You Need One

Carpet cleaner insurance is a type of liability insurance for cleaning service companies. Whether you need public liability insurance UK or public & employers liability insurance, it’s best to get specialised insurance for cleaning service companies. Here are 3 reasons why you need cover for carpet cleaning:

1. Property Damage

In order to deliver carpet cleaning services you, or your employees, need to be on the client’s property. It’s important to have public liability insurance that covers property damage,