Frequently Asked Questions

//Frequently Asked Questions

Public & Employers Liability Insurance for Carpet Cleaners – from Polished Insurance.


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We have put together a list of questions and answers to help you understand the different types of insurance available to carpet and upholstery cleaners and carpet cleaning contractors from Polished Insurance.

Who are Polished Insurance?

Polished Insurance is a trading name of Allied Insurance Services Ltd, an independent insurance broker based in Wigan who specialise in arranging insurance for all types of cleaning companies and have many thousands of customers in the cleaning industry.

How do you contact Polished Insurance?

You can ring us on 0844 815 6211 (a local rate number, not a premium rate number) or you can email us at

Do you offer cover for “Treatment Risks”?

Yes, this is automatically included in our policy.

What is covered under “Treatment Risks?”

If you were to shrink, damage or discolour a carpet or item of furniture whilst treating a stain or trying to remove dirt then you wouldn’t be covered unless you have “Treatment Risks” cover under your policy.

Do you offer quotes online?

Yes you can obtain a quote online and buy online.

What is “damage to property being worked upon”?

This is usually excluded under most policies for carpet cleaners. It means that whatever you are cleaning isn’t insured at the time you are cleaning it. Whether it’s a carpet, item of furniture or curtain, if you damage it, it isn’t covered. Daft isnt it? That is a standard exclusion under 90% of policies for carpet cleaning contractors and carpet cleaners. Don’t worry we will provide the cover.

So we can get cover “damage to property being worked upon”?

Yes you can from Polished Insurance.

Is Public Liability Insurance legally needed?

No it isn’t. You can work as a carpet cleaner without public liability insurance, but we would advise against it. Cover is relatively inexpensive particularly compared to the cost of any claims you would have to pay yourself without it. Most businesses will insist you have cover before you can do work for them. Employers Liability Insurance is legally required if you employ anyone or use labour only subcontractors. For more information visit our Liability Insurance Glossary or ring us on 0844 815 6211 (local rate).

So who needs Employer’s Liability Insurance?

Any company whether Ltd or not that employs one or more employees is legally required to have the cover. There are exemptions for businesses (non Ltd) who only employ close members of their family. All Ltd companies with more than one director need employers liability insurance regardless of who they employ. For more information you can visit Who needs Employers Liability Insurance or download the HSE’s Guide to Employers Liability (Compulsory) Insurance Act 1969

What payment options are available?

You can choose to pay the premium we quote to you in the following ways;

  • Monthly by direct debit – interest free
  • By debit or credit card
  • By cheque

What deposit needs to be paid?

We will need to collect our broker fee as the initial payment. The remaining premium will then be collected by monthly interest free direct debit.

What other insurance covers do Polished Insurance provide?

We can offer many different types of insurance for the cleaning industry including Van and Motor Fleet Insurance, Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance, Life Insurance and Income Protection Insurance.

You can also contact us for advice – give us a call on 0844 815 6211 (local rate)

What should I do if I need to make a claim?

In the first instance you should contact our office on 0844 815 6211 during office hours

We will need to collect our broker fee as the initial payment. The remaining premium will then be collected by monthly interest free direct debit.