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Carpet Cleaning Liability Insurance – Don’t get burned. Get covered!

Carpet cleaning businesses have never been so popular. People rarely have chance to clean their own carpets, and would much rather get a professional in to do the hard work for them. However good a carpet cleaning business you’ve got through, mistakes happen, and mishaps occur. From treatment problems to damage to furniture when moving it out of the way, carpet-cleaning business can be liable for damages resulting from these situations, and depending on the scale of the damage, can be put into a very precarious situation from which they may not be able to recover. Carpet cleaning liability insurance is here to help with all the specific risks associated with carpet cleaning and can cover your carpet cleaning business should such an accident occur.


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Many businesses have liability insurance, but if you take out a specific carpet cleaners liability insurance from polished insurance, then you could take advantage of optional add on cover for things like “damage to property being worked on” and loss of customers’ keys. Not to mention all of the usual cover a standard liability insurance covers. Buying your carpet cleaners liability insurance through Polished Insurance will allow you to bolt-on specific detailed cover for extras specific to the cleaning industry. With our affordable prices and expert knowledge we will be able to discuss with you what cover you need and provide a tailored quote to suit your business. We can even offer Commercial vehicle insurance, personal accident insurance and income protection insurance.

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Income Protection Insurance can provide you with upto 60% of your income in the event of injury or illness preventing you from working for the rest of your life.