Carpet Cleaners Insurance – Three Top Tips For Avoiding Preventable Professional Mistakes

//Carpet Cleaners Insurance – Three Top Tips For Avoiding Preventable Professional Mistakes

Carpet Cleaners Insurance

Carpet cleaners insurance is vital for any business that routinely offers to clean carpets and other floor coverings for clients, whether they’re domestic homeowners or large corporates. But no insurance will protect you and your staff from a blow to your company’s reputation if you make an expensive professional mistake. How can you protect yourself against this?

  • The best cleaning companies get the highest paid jobs and repeat business through word of mouth. So what you’re looking for is that your staff carry out an A1 job first time, every time. It sounds obvious, but screen all prospective staff carefully before employing them to make sure they have the right experience and expertise – or make sure they’re fully trained before letting them loose on your clients’ expensive carpets!
  • You may think carpet cleaning isn’t rocket science, but the better types of professional carpet cleaning machinery might as well be! Of course, they get more effective results and this can help boost the reputation of your business. But in the wrong hands, they can damage floor coverings beyond all repair. Your cleaning insurance will not cover any resulting negative feedback. Make sure you and your staff are fully trained in use of all machinery you supply.
  • Don’t ever wing it. Maybe you’re a small business that’s been offered a lucrative contract to carry out regular or extensive cleaning jobs. There’s no harm in being ambitious. But if you later let the client down through not being able to cope with the volume of work or not having the equipment that’s up to the challenge, it won’t do your reputation any good. Always carry out a full survey before committing your company to taking on any job. Be honest with yourself about whether you can cope with it, and check your liability insurance is sufficient to cope with the new risks it may bring.

If you pay heed to these factors and take out effective, comprehensive carpet cleaners insurance, you’re far more likely to be covered if things go wrong!