Carpet Cleaner Insurance – 3 Important Reasons Why You Need One

//Carpet Cleaner Insurance – 3 Important Reasons Why You Need One

Carpet cleaner insurance is a type of liability insurance for cleaning service companies. Whether you need public liability insurance UK or public & employers liability insurance, it’s best to get specialised insurance for cleaning service companies. Here are 3 reasons why you need cover for carpet cleaning:

1. Property Damage

In order to deliver carpet cleaning services you, or your employees, need to be on the client’s property. It’s important to have public liability insurance that covers property damage, lest your services cause any type of damage to the client’s premises.

2. Failure To Secure The Client’s Premises

Another common reason to get insurance for cleaning service companies is in case there is any failure in securing the client’s premises. Carpet cleaners usually get private access into the premises and are left with the responsibility of securing the property when they exit. Having the right cleaners insurance cover in case something goes wrong is very important.

3. Loss of Keys

Another common incident that could be helped by liability insurance cover is the loss of the client’s keys. Having private access to a property means that you will be given the keys, and we’ve all lost our keys at one time or another! If this happens, the carpet cleaner insurance will cover the costs for any damage incurred by this incident.

Cleaning insurance is very important, whether it’s insurance for house cleaners or corporate cleaners. Since this business model involves working on the client’s premises and sometimes having the responsibility of handling the keys or securing the property, many incidents could happen that will require public liability insurance cover. In order to protect your business and the clients, choose carpet cleaner insurance that is reliable and affordable.